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PRESS RELEASE: 2021 ‘Visitors’ Solo Exhibition by Todd Lawson at Elaine Fleck Gallery

2021 Solo Exhibit
Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, ON
July 1st-29th 2021

Show Statement

I have faced two culture shocks in my life. The first was moving to Florida at age 9 and being dumped into an alternate universe where tourism, retirees and locals intentionally segregated themselves into cultural bubbles and where I had only experienced as a child tourist in the past. As a child of Disney and Disney World Theme Parks, the Americana Land-of-Opportunity ‘Dreamer’ idea left a permanent impact on me both as an artist and as an outsider growing up in the 80s and 90s. When I was an adult I moved back to Canada and experienced my second culture shock leaving that world behind for a land and community I didn’t remember. I am still adjusting 20 years later.

A collection of works created over the last decade explores that journey through mysterious ‘visitors’ who rediscover what remains of futuristic abandoned Disney World Theme Parks and Canadian Landmarks long after humans have vanished. A journey similar to how I have been forced to discover the North as an adult now with my own family. For now, that new journey is taking me from Florida and across Canada from the East Coast to Ontario. In the future it will take me and my ‘visitors’ much farther.  This fantastical, dystopian vision will include a mix of Disney Theme Parks, Canadian landmarks and buildings and a new construction of a certain giant pink bear statue with deep roots in Toronto. 

PRESS RELEASE: Todd Lawson Solo Exhibit at Elaine Fleck Gallery, June 2020, Toronto

PRESS RELEASE: Todd Lawson Solo Exhibit at Elaine Fleck Gallery, June 2020, Toronto

Landscapes with a twist. This June 2020, Contemporary Surrealist Artist Todd Lawson will be doing his first solo show since 2005 at Elaine Fleck Gallery located at 1351 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 416-469-8005 

Represented Artist with Elaine Fleck Gallery

Represented Artist with Elaine Fleck Gallery: Todd Lawson

Some exciting news to start off 2020. I am now a represented artist with Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto. This is a big step for me. After 16 years of doing it on my own and working with galleries across North America on group and double billed shows this marks the first time I have decided to work with a commercial gallery as a recognized artist in their roster.

My experience creating that ‘Woody’ video…

My experience presenting my artistic self and creating that ‘Woody’ video…and 10 things I learned.

Earlier this month I released a 14+ minute video documenting the creation, my process and thinking behind a large 60×40 inch painting called “Idol Woody”. The painting will was created for an upcoming exhibit at The Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto this March (2020). I wanted to share 10 things I learned while making it…

What happened to all the articles?

What happened to all the articles?

If you’ve been to in the past 5+ years you may have read one of my articles. Mostly focused on topics in the marketing, design, business & advertising industries.

I recently migrated ALL content in those areas to my other site:

Todd will soon have articles and blogs related to my Artwork practice only as I split the online destinations up.


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