Elaine Fleck Gallery: Hello Toronto…it’s been a while.

Elaine Fleck Gallery:
Hello Toronto…it’s been a while.

I am excited to announce a new relationship with Toronto based commercial fine art gallery Elaine Fleck Gallery. I met with Elaine Fleck and gallery director Gary Ray Rush earlier this year and was asked to join their March 2020 Best Of New Submissions group exhibit.

I was also challenged by Elaine to paint the largest piece of my career yet, a 60″x40″ beast that I have been working on since early November. You can now find some of my work including two larger Disney paintings – available to purchase for the first time ever – on their website. SO if you are a collector or know a collector be sure to pass on the news.

If there is interest in my work locally it could lead to a longer relationship with the gallery and me being able to show more in Toronto. The town I once lived in for 5 years. The town my daughters were born in. The town I have worked in daily for 15 years. My work has always sold and been received well in the USA – particularly the west coast – but perhaps Canada is now ready to accept the oddity and sassiness of my work. Who knows, maybe it could be you!

Contact the gallery directly if you are interested in the works available – AND keep an eye out for the March 2020 show – my first showing in Toronto since 2010!