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PRICING: Please note I have recently changed my pricing for artwork to a more universal and easier to understand formula based on painting size (linear Inches) times a base rate, plus cost of surface/frame multiplied by 2 (to cover cost of supplies). (Linear Inches x $) + ((cost of material)x2). The base rate is subject to change based on sales and popularity of work as my journey continues to reach new markets. Commissions are also charged with the same formula. Also note that larger paintings see a small in crease in base rate cost as they require added level of complexity composition and a significant increase in material cost of paint, varnish, etc.

Sketches and test panels are sold at a lower base rate. Discounts are usually based on personal willingness to remove the cost of material in some cases to move old work and free up studio space or to ensure i have affordable options for new art collectors.Pricing does NOT include shipping. As I ship worldwide that is calculated on top of work price.

WHAT ARE YOU BUYING? You are ONLY buying the final artwork to display in your residency or business. You do NOT own the artworks copyright. Meaning you are are not allowed to copy it, resell prints of it, market it or create product from it. If you resell the artwork you buy a courtesy 5% artist resale fee back to Todd Lawson would be appreciated. This is currently not law in Canada but a movement to make it so is in motion. To learn more about the Artist Resale Right and why it is important click here.

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