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All content on is Copyright Todd Lawson unless otherwise noted. does not retain any user information beyond generic Google Tracking data or those of Commenting. Visitor information is never sold.

For all Todd Lawson original works (drawings, paintings, prints, books & dimensional works created by Todd Lawson) that use known pop culture elements, characters and/or places. These works are created under Fair-Use and Right-to-parody for a limited and “transformative” purpose of artist right too comment upon, criticize, or parody copyrighted material. All works are based purely on the artists personal opinions and beliefs unless otherwise noted. Todd Lawson is not affiliated in any way with the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios or any other brand or company or product that are recreated in artworks. Neither is Todd Lawson affiliated in any way with any of their affiliates or subsidiaries.


PAYING: For purchases on site, only accepts credit card and PayPal on check out. Cash and checks are NOT accepted. Books are purchased through a third party vendor (Amazon or Blurb) and delivered via those partners.

PRICING FROM TODDLAWSON.COM: Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice by What goes into pricing original artwork? Cost of supplies, time spent, experience, market value. For example a single larger painting will cost approximately $300 in supplies alone. That doesn’t include the tens of hours and often hundreds of hours to prepare the surface, plan, draw, paint, finish and frame the work. All to create a one of a kind work that is build to outlast the artist.

SHIPPING FROM TODDLAWSON.COM: Shipping is determined as a set flat rate based on item. Large paintings are costly to ship and calculated at a larger flat rate. The farther the buyer is from Ontario Canada the larger the shipping fee. Shipping will include insurance. If your country is not listed and you would like to purchase please contact directly. Buyer is responsible for ALL duty and custom fees in their home country upon entry of shipment. These additional duty fees are NOT part of total cost of online purchase and has no control over what those costs are in your country. Duty fees only apply to shipments OUTSIDE OF CANADA. If buyer purchases original fine art work within the Greater Toronto Area over $500 delivery is free and will be delivered in person by artist. This is only for original artwork in stock. Art books are shipped via Amazon or Blurb from the USA and are not eligible for personal delivery. (This means if you are Canadian you can expect the possibility of Duty and Custom fees when books arrive in Canada)

PRICING & SHIPPING FROM GALLERY PARTNERS: For work that is listed in the store but available through a Gallery contact the gallery directly to purchase information or negotiate pricing, shipping and options.

WHAT ARE YOU BUYING? You are ONLY buying the final artwork to display in your residency or business. You do NOT own the artworks copyright. Meaning you are are not allowed to copy it, resell prints of it, market it or create product from it. If you resell the artwork you buy a courtesy 5% artist resale fee back to Todd Lawson would be appreciated. This is currently not law in Canada but a movement to make it so is in motion. To learn more about the Artist Resale Right and why it is important click here.

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