Recent & In-Progress Works

Selected Works & Collections

NEW Idols Collection (in-progress)

“Idol Woody”
( 60 x 40 x 2″ + Frame)

The World Rediscovered Collection

One Hand In The Future
(48″ x 36″ + Floater Frame)
Visitors Walk The Strip
(48″ x 36″ + Floater Frame)
Revel In The Maker’s Wake
(48″ x 36″ + Floater Frame)
Visitors At The Gate
(48″ x 36″ + Floater Frame)

Various single paintings and recent collections (2019 – present)

Past Exhibited Works Archive (Pre-2010)

View 70+ pieces of artwork created since 2004 – all publicly exhibited in various galleries through out North America and London since 2004.

Latest Website Updates

  • Presenting artwork at Elaine Fleck Gallery
    This March was a bit of a coming out party for me. For the first time in a decade (since 2010) I was out publicly in Toronto showing my artwork. On March 5th around 8 p.m. I nervously greeted a crowd of people at Elaine Fleck Gallery (1351 Queen Street … Read more
  • Represented Artist with Elaine Fleck Gallery
    Some exciting news to start off 2020. I am now a represented artist with Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto. This is a big step for me. After 16 years of doing it on my own and working with galleries across North America.
  • My experience creating that ‘Woody’ video…
    This was my first time in front of the camera after nearly 2 decades working with people on the other side of it. And here are 10 things I learned about it for others thinking about creating video of their art.
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