Recent & In-Progress Works

Selected Works & Collections

NEW Idols Collection (in-progress)

“Idol Woody”
( 60 x 40 x 2″ + Frame)

The World Rediscovered Collection (in-progress)

Revel In The Maker’s Wake
(48″ x 36″ + Floater Frame)
Visitors At The Gate
(48″ x 36″ + Floater Frame)

Various single paintings and recent collections (2019 – present)

Past Exhibited Works Archive (Pre-2010)

View 70+ pieces of artwork created since 2004 – all publicly exhibited in various galleries through out North America and London since 2004.

Latest Website Updates

  • Represented Artist with Elaine Fleck Gallery
    Some exciting news to start off 2020. I am now a represented artist with Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto. This is a big step for me. After 16 years of doing it on my own and working with galleries across North America.
  • My experience creating that ‘Woody’ video…
    This was my first time in front of the camera after nearly 2 decades working with people on the other side of it. And here are 10 things I learned about it for others thinking about creating video of their art.
  • New Collection Revealed: Idols
    A brand new collection of works about the obsessions we compulsively collect and obsess over or in our our current lives and the memories of things we followed as children as panted into fantastic into idols and monuments as POSITIVE VICES.
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