ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: Todd Lawson’s artwork has graced many international commercial projects and has been displayed in art galleries throughout North America; including Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto, Utah, Vancouver and the UK. Born in Canada, Todd grew up in Southern and Central Florida. After a turbulent youth built on punk and hardcore music shows, skateboarding and friends he left the south to return to Canada where he attended Sheridan College’s Illustration and Post-Graduate Illustration programs. He currently lives in Burlington, Ontario with his wife; fellow artist Elesavet and two twin daughters.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Todd’s artwork explores the similar visual aesthetics and complex narratives he grew up admiring, pulling roots from folk art, pop art and art deco, while helping him to create paintings and dimensional work that tends to pull very strong influences from Americana’s past; comic books, science fiction, pulp art, fantasy, classic toys and retro paranoid advertising. Always symbolic and often surreal, the work juggles story telling within a staged setting with emotional and sometimes awkward personal statements expressed through the various figurative characters who populate his worlds.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Alice In Wonderland Group Show @ Rebel Rebel Gallery in Taos, New Mexico on August 2019, DTBD
  • More exhibits to be announced soon…

I am now starting to show in gallery exhibitions again starting late summer 2019 through into 2020. Upcoming shows will be posted here as they are announced. View Past Exhibition List.

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Original Artwork, Books & Prints Available!

Collections & Individual Works

Revel In the Maker’s Wake
The World Rediscovered Collection – Unavailable

Visitors At The Gate
The World Rediscovered Collection – Prints Available

The Alice Collection (Atlanta Show) – SOLD OUT

Midnight Garden Exhibit (Atlanta Show) – PARTIALLY SOLD

Back Then! Exhibit (Sacramento Show) – PARTIALLY SOLD

The Golden Age Exhibit (San Diego Show) – SOLD OUT

Paranoid Submission Exhibit (Hamilton Show) – PARTIALLY SOLD

El Dia De Los Muertos Exhibit (Hamilton Show) – SOLD OUT

Various Dimensional Works – SOLD OUT


Opening Group Show
Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery
Toronto, Ontario
September, 2012

Appealing To Fancy (Group Show)
Rouge Concept Gallery
Toronto, Ontario
November 18-December 19, 2010

BIG: Group Show
Group Show of larger works
IX Gallery
Toronto, Ontario
July 23rd – August 29th, 2008

Bedtime Stories: Group Show
The Gallery At East Atlanta Tattoo
Atlanta, GA
December 6 – 20th, 2008

Midnight Garden:
The Daydreams & Nightmares of…

Group Show
Foundation One Gallery
Atlanta, GA
Nov.10th, 2007 – Dec.8th, 2007

Munny Shot Show
Group Vinyl Munny Show
The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, UK
March 4th 200

The Bomb Project
Custom Vinyl B.U.D. Toy Show
Normal Street Studio, Denton, TX
Nov. 18th – December 2nd

RaiseUp Vol. II
Traveling show/book release
ADM Project Gallery, L.A., CA
Omy Gallery, Toronto, ON
C. Emerson Fine Arts, Largo, FL
Aug. – Nov. 2006

Back Then!
Double-artist bill
Toy Room Gallery
Sacramento, California
Aug. 18th Sept. 9th 2006

UNK Board Show – 2006 Part Duo
Group Show
The Unknown Gallery
Salt Lake City, UT
Jan. 20th – Feb. 10th, 2006

C-Note Show
Group Show
Limbo Fine Art Gallery
San Diego, CA, Nov. 12th 2005

S.C.A.E.P. Benefit Auction Show
Planet Rooth Studio Gallery
San Diego, CA, August 2005

The Golden Age Exhibit
Double artist bill
Planet Rooth Studio Gallery
San Diego, CA, August 2005

Paranoia by Submission
The Staircase
Hamilton, ON, June 2005′

Truckstops & Trailerparks:
The White Trash Art Show

Group show
Joe Blow Glassworks
Vancouver, BC, Dec. 2004

El Dia De Los Muertos Art Show
Artist/Curator: group show
CCMA Studio
Hamilton, ON, Oct. 2004

Jealous Monkey Whips the Squeaky Donut
Group Show
Skeleton Art Gallery,
Santa Fe, NM, October 2004

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