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ARTIST BIOGRAPHY (B. 1978): Todd Lawson’s artwork has graced many international commercial projects and has been displayed in art galleries throughout North America; including Atlanta, Los Angeles, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Toronto, Utah, Vancouver and the UK. Though born in Canada, Todd grew up in Southern and Central Florida. After a turbulent youth built around a love of loud music, sketchbooks, skateboarding, and friends he left the South to return to Canada where he attended Sheridan College’s Illustration and Post-Graduate Illustration programs. Originally started as a commercial artist and transitioned into a gallery artist in 2005. In 2010 his work progressed to larger pieces and a more traditional painterly style from its previous graphic, surreal-pop art style with a focus on landscapes and landmarks. Work has covered topics from the fantastical to dystopian theme parks to the French Quarter in New Orleans to known landmarks and locations across Canada.

He currently lives in Kingsville, Ontario a block from Lake Erie, and continues to focus on capturing landscapes with a twist in his work.



“I could tell you about how deep my work delves; personally, emotionally, and conceptually. I could tell you how much time I spend overthinking, sketching, and painting, how ideas get stuck in my head until I can think of nothing else, how I get stuck in my head, how the work juggles themes, concepts, and narrative metaphors on subjects that interest me. But in reality, I am a curious person by nature who is more comfortable expressing ideas and emotions visually and like to create work you and I can escape into and capture others in a moment. I am fascinated with symbolism, landmarks, roadside attractions, pop culture, nostalgia, and human nature. I will often go looking for a new subject or point of view to explore and become obsessed with.

Work is often rendered with precision and detail as I possess a distinctly logical mindset and am drawn to trying to solve different problems visually. However, I don’t allow reality to trap me and favor contemporary surrealism over pure representational work. This allows me to use various imagined figures, animals, and objects like actors, props, and backdrops on a theatre stage. Creating worlds with mixed stories and points of view for my audience to digest, discuss, and reflect upon. Most importantly feeding my curiosity. It’s been called whimsical, too sassy, awkward, smart, pretty, odd, offensive, challenging, and all sorts of adjectives. I prefer to simply say it reflects my interest in creating a different world. A world with a twist or two. Escape into my world for a little while.”

Exhibition History

Contact me if you would like to show my work in your gallery or represent my work.

Solo Exhibits

Elaine Fleck Gallery
Toronto, ON
July 2022
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Elaine Fleck Gallery
Toronto, ON
July 2021
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Elaine Fleck Gallery
Toronto, ON
June 2020

Paranoia by Submission
The Staircase
Hamilton, ON
June 2005

Multi-Artist Exhibits

Represented Artists Summer Show
Elaine Fleck Gallery
Toronto, ON
July-August 2023

2-Artist Show
Elaine Fleck Gallery
Toronto, ON
September 2020

Tiny Terror 3 Group Show
The Dark Art Emporium
Long Beach, California
June 2020

Group Show
The Dark Art Emporium
Long Beach, CA
May 2020

The New Exhibit
Elaine Fleck Gallery
Toronto, ON
March 2020

Itsy Bitsy Art Show
BeeLong Gallery
Penticton, British Columbia
November 2019

Frida De Los Muertos
Group Show
Rebel Rebel Gallery
Taos, New Mexico
November, 2019

DAMNED 12th Annual Juried Exhibit
Tangent Gallery/Hasting Ballroom
Detroit, Michigan
October 2019

Alice Group Show
Rebel Rebel Gallery
Taos, New Mexico
September, 2019

Opening Group Show
Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery
Hamilton, Ontario
September, 2012

Appealing To Fancy (Group Show)
Rouge Concept Gallery
Toronto, Ontario
November 18-December 19, 2010

BIG: Group Show
Group Show of larger works
IX Gallery
Toronto, Ontario
July 23rd – August 29th, 2008

Bedtime Stories: Group Show
The Gallery At East Atlanta Tattoo
Atlanta, GA
December 6 – 20th, 2008

Midnight Garden:
The Daydreams & Nightmares of…

3-Artist Show
Foundation One Gallery
Atlanta, GA
Nov.10th, 2007 – Dec.8th, 2007

Munny Shot Show
Group Vinyl Munny Show
The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, UK
March 4th 2007

The Bomb Project
Custom Vinyl B.U.D. Toy Show
Normal Street Studio, Denton, TX
Nov. 18th – December 2nd

RaiseUp Vol. II
Traveling show/book release
ADM Project Gallery, L.A., CA
Omy Gallery, Toronto, ON
C. Emerson Fine Arts, Largo, FL
Aug. – Nov. 2006

Back Then!
Double-artist bill
Toy Room Gallery
Sacramento, California
Aug. 18th Sept. 9th 2006

UNK Board Show – 2006 Part Duo
Group Show
The Unknown Gallery
Salt Lake City, UT
Jan. 20th – Feb. 10th, 2006

S.C.A.E.P. Benefit Auction Show
Planet Rooth Studio Gallery
San Diego, CA, August 2005

The Golden Age Exhibit
Double artist bill
Planet Rooth Studio Gallery
San Diego, CA, August 2005

Truckstops & Trailerparks
Group show
Joe Blow Glassworks
Vancouver, BC, Dec. 2004

El Dia De Los Muertos Art Show
Artist/Curator: group show
CCMA Studio
Hamilton, ON, Oct. 2004

Jealous Monkey Whips the Squeaky Donut
Group Show
Skeleton Art Gallery,
Santa Fe, NM, October 2004


  • Art Book Visitors
  • Art Book Art of Todd Lawson: Vol.1
  • Children’s Book Song Bird
  • RGD Creative Directions Conference Opening speaker, 2015
  • Sheridan College Guest speaker, 2004
  • 2002 Advanced Illustration, Sheridan College (1yr Post-Grad)
  • 2001 Illustration, Sheridan College (3yrs)
  • 1999 Art Fundamentals, Sheridan College (1yr)

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