My experience creating that ‘Woody’ video…

My experience presenting my artistic self and creating that ‘Woody’ video…and 10 things I learned.

Earlier this month I released a 14+ minute video documenting the creation, my process and thinking behind a large 60×40 inch painting called “Idol Woody”. The painting will was created for an upcoming exhibit at The Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto this March (2020). I wanted to share 10 things I learned while making it…

What happened to all the articles?

What happened to all the articles?

If you’ve been to in the past 5+ years you may have read one of my articles. Mostly focused on topics in the marketing, design, business & advertising industries.

I recently migrated ALL content in those areas to my other site:

Todd will soon have articles and blogs related to my Artwork practice only as I split the online destinations up.