Idols (Collection)

Idols Collection Statement
Collect and obsess over what you want. Admit and celebrate being addicted to whatever you need to find those moments of escape. Build your false idols with pride not shame. A collection of works about the obsessions we compulsively collect and obsess over or in our our current lives and the memories of things we followed as children as panted into fantastic into idols and monuments as POSITIVE VICES.

These obsessions are brought to life and exaggerated to become giant structures and entire environments actively being constructed and explored…even worshiped by tiny characters who represents the conscience of an individuals as well as the masses of the population who worship each subject in modern pop culture. Like current the towering Statue of Unity in India, the Statue of Liberty in New York City, Mount Rushmore and towering modern marvels we cling to in awe today as well as the ancient structures like the pyramids – we humans are driven to create idols.

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