PAINTING: Crayon Economy

30″x40″x1.5″ (panel size before including frame)
Acrylic on Wood Panel (2020).

Size: 30″x40″x1.5″ (panel size before including frame)
Medium: Acrylic on Wood Panel
Year: 2020
Structure: Reinforced “X” brace panel, Framed in Floater Frame, wall hang ready

This is a surreal landscape painting of a pop culture Frankenstein’s monster statue being constructed by Visitors. A direct commentary on the Disney acquisition of Fox and the Simpsons, It depicts the building of an Idol statue that speaks to the encouraging future of this merger and its various properties. In the bottom left we see builders bringing Homer’s infamous magenta crayon as Zeppelins bring Bart’s head. This is meant to add a moment of caution to the merger that dumbing down of Simpsons and Disney together could also be an outcome.

Weight25 lbs
Dimensions30 × 40 × 1.5 in