Off Is Her Gentle Man (2007) By Todd Lawson

ART: Midnight Garden: The Daydreams & Nightmares of…

Midnight Garden: The Daydreams & Nightmares of…

Featuring the Art of Dan May, RiK Catlow and Todd Lawson
Foundation One Gallery,
Atlanta(Decatur), Georgia
Opening November 10th, 2007

Featuring my largest paintings to date and even a pair of landscapes to mix things up, Midnight Garden is an emotionally darker and more personal body of work for me then recent projects. Attacking topics such as sexuality, communication (or lack there of), loneliness, memories, dreams and paranoia, this collection is more about myself and those close and far from me and my own demons and memories. Whether work will continue in the vein or not is still unknown to me.

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ART: Back Then! Collection

Back Then!
Toy Room Gallery,
Sacramento , California
August 18th & 19th 2006
Double-artist bill
w/ Shaunna Peterson

Collection revolves in some way around growing up and my fascination with nostalgia. Whether they are directly based on something in my youth or more often around a way people used to think, then when I grew up, finding out how often those same things I liked, I liked more because of the history and nostalgia from them.

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ART: The Golden Age Collection

The Golden Age
Planet Rooth Studios,
San Diego, California
August 13th 2005
Double-artist bill

A look back at the golden age of society. The paranoid and glamorous Americana Past from fast cars, submissive propoganda, new technologies and war. Americana at it’s best and worst from the perspective of 2 canadian artists; one born and raised above the 49th parallel, the other born in Canada and raised in Florida but now living in Canada again.

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