Agency: Powered By Dashboard/Vicimus
My Project Role: Creative Direction, UX/UI Direction, Design

Chief Creative Officer : Todd Lawson
UX/Design: Isabelle Santiago, Todd Lawson
Development: Jeff Grison, Craig Hooghiem
Concept: Barry Hillier, Todd Lawson

Complete 2017 rebuild of The Canadian International AutoShow Online Portal into a robust and informative site for content, show schedule, features, exhibitor information, media releases and more. Built to both deliver entertainment and funnel consumers to purchase tickets online.

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Revups Asset Builder Image Creation for Automotive Retailers

Agency: Powered By Dashboard
My Project Role: Creative Direction, UX Direction

Chief Creative Officer : Todd Lawson
UX/Design: Elicia Durtnall, Isabelle Santiago
Development: Kevin Langlois
Concept: Barry Hillier, Todd Lawson

RevUps Asset Builder is a simplified image creation tool built on a vast collection of predesigned sets of promotional images for automotive retailers.

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Strategy Mob Magazine & Community

Agency: Powered By Dashboard
My Project Role: Creative Direction, contributor

Chief Creative Officer / Contributor : Todd Lawson
Senior Editor: Robin Stevenson
Magazine Design: Rosie Sobczuk, Jasmine Lin
Website Design: Isabelle Santiago
Website Development: Cody Collicott
Advertising Director: Barry Hillier
Social And Events Director: Brent Wees
Printer: Manduck Media

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Article: Strategy Mob Magazine – Dealer & Designer

Originally written and published in Strategy Mob Magazine, October 2015 – Issue 01 and also featured on their website.

Your focus is on moving metal. A good relationship with your creative team will help you sell more.

You have a great dealership. Good deals, too. But something is stopping people from coming through your doors.  I’m not talking about a dirty showroom or a bad customer experience; I’m talking about bad marketing creative. Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Battle of the Auto Brand Vs. the Offer

Automotive Dealerships…It’s not all about your best offers. It’s not all about clean design. Its about selling customer experience and your offers together.

Oh Dealers. I get it.

Your customer has a non-existent attention span (less than a gold fish I hear) and your competition is no longer the guy in your backyard or down the street – but the dealer three towns over. Blame the Internet…everyone else does. Continue Reading →

Drive In Another Dimension: 3D Experience

Agency: Dashboard Communications
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Direct Mail Design, Campaign Look and Feel, City Map Planning and Storyboards, Project Management

Awards/Recognition: FWA Public Shortlist

The result of nearly 8 months of work; the Toyota Drive In Another Dimension campaign was my last project developed while at Dashboard and my proudest project – a result of tireless work from the OTDA Account team, programming department and creative department as well as all our 3rd party vendors. Continue Reading → Redesign

Agency:Dashboard Communications
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Site Frame Work Redesign, Project Management Continue Reading →

Toyota Canada More For You Promotion

Agency: Dashboard (Digital), Dentsu (Traditional)
Project Role:
Lead Art Director, Designer, & Managed Production

Built in a whirlwind time line over August we developed an online concept to feature 6 key vehicles and offers with supporting facts. Continue Reading →

Rules of Attraction Toyota Mailer

Agency: Dashboard Communications
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Design & Managed Production.

Designed an envelope, reminder letter, offer letter, email blast series and a magnet die-cut sheet for the kids. The idea supporting this campaign focused on the “magnetic” personalities of Toyota technicians and the quality of their work and dedication to service literally pulling or attracting Toyota owners back. Using this idea we developed a series of rules to live by to improve the relationship with your Toyota: The Rules of Attraction.

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