Since 2015…

  • Left Grey to Co-lead the complete transformation of Dashboard, his past agency, from a 16-year-old marketing firm into a Software SaaS Development Company, successfully selling it to tech firm Vicimus in under 2 years.
  • Transitioned Creative and UX department when Dashboard was acquired by tech firm Vicimus.
  • Led Vicimus Rebrand after being acquired
  • Developed agile department processes and creative scrums
  • Oversaw creative and UX teams in product development, creative services and all B2B marketing activities
  • Developed and owned company marketing plan
  • Created social calendar process, and directed team content creation and branding as well as media strategy experimentation

Software (SaaS) Projects

RMS Marketing Platform
OnlineKars Auction Platform
Bumper Automotive Marketing Platform
GloveBox CMS Platform
Asset Builder Platform
Odometer Tracking Platform

Vicimus (SaaS) Marketing Projects

Vicimus Rebrand

In Late 2016 with the planned acquisition of Dashboard by tech company Vicimus we began a branding project. At its heart Vicimus had no brand. A tech start up with clients in automotive they really only had a logo and a basic site and a concept behind the name “Veni Vidi Veci” translating into “”I came; I saw; I conquered”

Out of this exploration and a lot of concept exploration came the concept of ALL IN. “All-In” is the philosophy of Vicimus who is made up of a very wide variety of creative minds, technologists, developers, marketers, sales, customer service and subject matter experts who believe in an all hands on deck vision. Vicimus like the software they make believe in an open dialogue for all to step in and help and putting everything into each step to create success driven results through technology with people at the heart of why they are special.

Bumper Try Me Campaign
Vicimus NADA 2019 Campaign
Bumper Advent Calendar Social Campaign
Vicimus NADA Whiteboard Campaign