Commission Installment



All commissions require an upfront 50% non refundable payment. (which is what you are buying here if you would like a commission to happen). This fee is considered my kill fee if you decide not to move forward with the project at anytime. You will be charged the same amount again plus shipping/deliver/tax (if you live in Ontario Canada) at the end of the project.

My Process:

  1. I’ll send you a contract to sign.
  2. We talk. You tell me what you are looking for, what you envision. what you like about my work and how you feel I’m the right one to do it. If it is based on something similar to what you’ve seen in my body of work you’ll need to tell me. As well as colours you like or hate and any requirements you need.
  3. I’ll create a few linear drawings for you to look at.
  4. We’ll talk again. Discuss what you like and don’t and I’ll review what I’m trying to achieve. (This is a partnership. I’ll work as hard as I can to bring your dreams or nightmares to life…but we BOTH need to be happy as this is a painting I’ll need to create and not an illustration job where you are just buying usage.)
  5. When you and I are both happy with the final linear drawing we’ll agree and I’ll transfer it to wood.
  6. I’ll begin to paint and show you work in progress as I go.
  7. Near the end we’ll work back and forth on any adjustments to the overall colour/painting (as long as it is still faithful to the agreed upon drawing)
  8. When the painting is done you will be billed for the remaining 50% PLUS Shipping/Deliver. All commissions over $200 to collectors in the GTA Southern Ontario region will be hand-delivered by the artist at no cost.
  9. We’ll shake hands…we’ll laugh…maybe cry a bit. And you’ll have an original work that is all your own in your hands.

All work is original. You can give me photos of things you like or people you like but in the end they are only reference. I DO NOT COPY PHOTOGRAPHY to make artwork. EVER.

You are ONLY buying the final artwork to display in your residency or business. You do NOT own the artworks copyright. Meaning you are are not allowed to copy it or resell prints of it or market it. You also do not have the right to resell the work to a third party without consulting me first as there are fees and current market values to discuss. (you are not a registered reseller of my work and I am not in a consignment agreement with you.)

Paintings are priced by size and created on wood. The edges are painted with solid colour or can be left unpainted if you wish. They are not framed and are wall-hang ready. I use the same pricing I use to sell created works (learn about that here).

Pick a size and non-refundable deposit to get started. Not sure? Contact me first to chat and they purchase. 647-338-2350 or prolific(at)toddlawson(dot)com


Painting Size

6×6 – $132, 8×10 – $200, 10×10 – $220, 12×12 – $260, 12×16 – $300, 18×24 – $460, 24×36 – $680, 36×48 – $1080