ARTICLE: Finding A Lighthouse In The Storm

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Be A Creative Storm Chaser

Warning: there are a lot of metaphors in this one…

Working in any form of creative craft – where your job relies on you working with ideas brought from the ether and crafted into existence can be both exciting and exhausting.  Continue Reading →

Strategy Mob Magazine Cover Illustration

Strategy Mob Magazine Cover Illustration 
Acrylic on mounted wood panel

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Article: Strategy Mob Magazine – Dealer & Designer

Originally written and published in Strategy Mob Magazine, October 2015 – Issue 01 and also featured on their website.

Your focus is on moving metal. A good relationship with your creative team will help you sell more.

You have a great dealership. Good deals, too. But something is stopping people from coming through your doors.  I’m not talking about a dirty showroom or a bad customer experience; I’m talking about bad marketing creative. Continue Reading →

Shreddies Morning Break TV Spot

Agency: Grey Canada
My Project Role: Lead Art Direction

Executive Creative Director: Patrick Scissons
Creative Director: James Ansley
Copy Writer: Sue Kohm
ACD / Art Director: Todd Lawson
Director: Richard Farmer
Producer: Karen Blazer
Production Co.: Imported Artists
Editing: Saints/Alter Ego
Audio: Apollo
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