ARTICLE: Make An Attempt To Care Less

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I’ve written multiple articles and had long discussions on having empathy for your client and your customer. It’s your understanding and ability to live in their shoes, fear their fears, feel their joys and try to get an idea of what they truly want that is the invaluable secret sauce you need to make ok work become better. In the long run if you fake it or are unable to feel it, your lack of empathy that will drive you – or your client – out the door. Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Finding A Lighthouse In The Storm

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Be A Creative Storm Chaser

Warning: there are a lot of metaphors in this one…

Working in any form of creative craft – where your job relies on you working with ideas brought from the ether and crafted into existence can be both exciting and exhausting.  Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Creative Career Advice


Creative Career Advice: Working in a creative department is a shared experience – you are part of a team. Like it or not.

Working in a creative department is a shared experience – and as employee or employer.

Entering in to a creative department as you begin your career can often feel like an out of body experience. There is nothing quite like it. A mix of new things to learn, misunderstand, fear and get excited about. Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Lack of empathy is holding you back.

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I have felt for much of the past decade that the difference between your career advancing is empathy. Or rather – a lack of it.

I am a firm believer that a lack of Empathy will ultimately inflict upon us a bitter resentment for the same people we were meant to help if we let it. And it gets in the way of our advancement in our own career paths. Now let’s be honest. This did not come by choice. I have to work at it daily to remind myself to be nice. It comes with a certain added level of stress and anxiety I battle regularly. Over the past 18 years working, I know I’m not alone in this. Continue Reading →

UFAA: User Flow Addicts Anonymous

My Name is Todd and it’s been 1 hour since my last flow.
Are you part of UFAA? (“User Flow Addicts Anonymous.”)

I base everything on flow.

I mean everything. I think in flow charts, concept out in flow charts, document ideas in flow charts, make lists in flow charts. I even take notes in flow charts. I have been a part of UFAA since I can remember. I am simply addicted to the order of how things flow. And I do it more and more as my mind tries to manage all the information it takes in each day in a world that often overpowers my senses. And from what I’ve seen and heard – many of you are members of UFAA (User Flow Addicts Anonymous) as well – even if you don’t know or can’t admit it yet. Continue Reading →

Article: Art Direction Lipstick

Advice I gave today: “Sometimes the idea can be simple and the art direction direct. Too often good art directors bury good ideas with lipstick.”

Lipstick on a pig.

A saying that has been tracked back in written form as early as 1940’s when in a book by English Author Stella Gibbons Westwood. Though the idea has been around much longer. In fact, there is a whole wikipedia page dedicated to the phrase for those of you with internet curiosities into useless information (like myself).
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The Dawn of the Full Stack Employee

There once was an employee to said “It wasn’t their job.” So someone took their place.

In the digital marketing space you often have a team of specialists when it comes to the tech team. You were a flash developer (until a few years ago), a front-end coder, an HTML master, a WordPress’r or a back-end database guru. Continue Reading →

Article: Strategy Mob Magazine – Dealer & Designer

Originally written and published in Strategy Mob Magazine, October 2015 – Issue 01 and also featured on their website.

Your focus is on moving metal. A good relationship with your creative team will help you sell more.

You have a great dealership. Good deals, too. But something is stopping people from coming through your doors.  I’m not talking about a dirty showroom or a bad customer experience; I’m talking about bad marketing creative. Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Strategy Magazine – Next Big Thing Contribution

Originally written and published in Strategy Magazine, September 2015  “Next Big Things” issue and also featured on their website.

Automated creativity is changing a digital creative’s role. Universally accessible big data, app development and faster cross-platform server-side coding platforms have allowed us to work with more automated processes in real-time. Early systems are already letting retail clients create online campaigns from customizable experiences and automated media builders, as well as use dynamic built-in testing of various versions offered by many SaaS cos.

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ARTICLE: Battle of the Auto Brand Vs. the Offer

Automotive Dealerships…It’s not all about your best offers. It’s not all about clean design. Its about selling customer experience and your offers together.

Oh Dealers. I get it.

Your customer has a non-existent attention span (less than a gold fish I hear) and your competition is no longer the guy in your backyard or down the street – but the dealer three towns over. Blame the Internet…everyone else does. Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Beautiful Mistakes

You want to launch with imperfections

Are we trained to fear failure?
As we grow up we are often taught failure is bad. We learn how to lie. We learn how to hide. We learn ways to avoid shame. We covet encouragement from those who raise and educate us. And we work hard to find ways to receive more praise. Positivity after all can be a great motivator for personal and social change. Is it no wonder that as we begin to work for others in our professional lives that we already have a build in negative response to failure? Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Become a force to be reckoned with.

Idiom. Force to be reckoned with
Fig. someone or something that is important and powerful and must not be ignored.

There is much that can be said for how you gain a reputation in your industry. Whether it’s in a niche area like automotive retail or in a mass area like general advertising or even in professional sport for that matter. Reputation follows you. Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: UI Design: Eat it grid

But Google said so?!?!??
With the recent announcement from Google that sites with inaccessible mobile content will soon find themselves being effectively delisted in search – old mistakes are coming back to haunt us in the digital design. Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Abstraphic – Theory in Abstract Design

Part 1: The Source

Discussing the concept of abstract thinking for design and how unseen forces can affect the resulting work. Part one in a series.


Where does a good idea come from? I’ve sat in countless brainstorms on so many subjects I will often forget if I’ve thought about an idea in a previous session until half way through the process. Ideas can be a very fickle beast.  Continue Reading →



After reading a rather ignorant and defensive twitter post by someone I did not know about artists transitioning into other fields being sub par to those who are trained and remained in their field I began to have a thought(after the “I’ll remember never to hire you” thought of course)…after all, I’m an artist and illustrator who became a designer and 3D animator and then became an advertiser and a brander…and who knows what I’ll be tomorrow. So I wanted to take a closer look at the unique sub culture of artist working in an alternate field.

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