Vicimus Rebrand

Agency: Vicimus
My Project Role: Creative Direction

VP, Creative Strategy : Todd Lawson
Design/Branding: Richard Dao
UX/UI Site Design: Rosie Sobczuk
Development: Jeff Grison
Concept: Barry Hillier, Todd Lawson, Richard Dao

In Late 2016 with the planned acquisition of Dashboard by tech company Vicimus we began a branding project. At its heart Vicimus had no brand. A tech start up with clients in automotive they really only had a logo and a basic site and a concept behind the name “Veni Vidi Veci” translating into “”I came; I saw; I conquered” Continue Reading →

Strategy Mob Magazine & Community

Agency: Powered By Dashboard
My Project Role: Creative Direction, contributor

Chief Creative Officer / Contributor : Todd Lawson
Senior Editor: Robin Stevenson
Magazine Design: Rosie Sobczuk, Jasmine Lin
Website Design: Isabelle Santiago
Website Development: Cody Collicott
Advertising Director: Barry Hillier
Social And Events Director: Brent Wees
Printer: Manduck Media

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Guinness Light Up Billboard

Creative Director: Glen Hunt
Art Director:Todd Lawson
Copy Writer: Glen Hunt
During the evening commute home this billboard would light up with a glowing, dimensional pint on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

Guinness Ambient Window Pints

Creative Director: Patrick Scissons
Art Director:Todd Lawson
Leading up to the St. Patrick’s day weekend we created ambient window Guinness Pints in downtown Toronto’s business district. Continue Reading →

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