Agency: Powered By Dashboard/Vicimus
My Project Role: Creative Direction, UX/UI Direction, Design

Chief Creative Officer : Todd Lawson
UX/Design: Isabelle Santiago, Todd Lawson
Development: Jeff Grison, Craig Hooghiem
Concept: Barry Hillier, Todd Lawson

Complete 2017 rebuild of The Canadian International AutoShow Online Portal into a robust and informative site for content, show schedule, features, exhibitor information, media releases and more. Built to both deliver entertainment and funnel consumers to purchase tickets online.

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Revups Asset Builder Image Creation for Automotive Retailers

Agency: Powered By Dashboard
My Project Role: Creative Direction, UX Direction

Chief Creative Officer : Todd Lawson
UX/Design: Elicia Durtnall, Isabelle Santiago
Development: Kevin Langlois
Concept: Barry Hillier, Todd Lawson

RevUps Asset Builder is a simplified image creation tool built on a vast collection of predesigned sets of promotional images for automotive retailers.

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Strategy Mob Magazine & Community

Agency: Powered By Dashboard
My Project Role: Creative Direction, contributor

Chief Creative Officer / Contributor : Todd Lawson
Senior Editor: Robin Stevenson
Magazine Design: Rosie Sobczuk, Jasmine Lin
Website Design: Isabelle Santiago
Website Development: Cody Collicott
Advertising Director: Barry Hillier
Social And Events Director: Brent Wees
Printer: Manduck Media

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Octane Product Videos

Agency: Powered By Dashboard
My Project Role: Creative Direction, scripting

Chief Creative Officer / Copy Writing : Todd Lawson
Video Editing / Art Director: Rosie Sobczuk
Video Direction: Brad Freeman | The Seismic Agency

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Rethinking the retail experience for our Dealers.

Dear Dealer Principals,

We’ve been busy on something at /Powered By Dashboard we think you’ll like. And we made it just for you.

This past week we re-launched with a completely new interface and design. One built around you and your dealership’s departmental structure. It is the first critical step in an evolution that will continue over the next few months as we refine a smarter system build on tools to help you generate leads. It will also assist us as we continue to improve and version our products. Continue Reading →

ARTICLE: Sorry Advertising – it’s not you…it’s me.

Leaving a job and an industry takes a lot of thought…

On the last week of this February (24th, 2015) I will be stepping down from my position of Associate Creative Director at Grey Canada.This March (2015) I will take a large step forward while oddly taking one step back. And shift my career. Believe me It was not an easy choice to make.

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Agency: Grey Canada
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Design, UX and wireframe development

Over the course of a 2010 and 2011 we took a single page website, adapted a US product site and frame work for the Canadian market, added and designed dozens of new areas and community focused tools and united what was a disjointed user experience into a cohesive single site: Mommyville. Continue Reading →

Cymbalta Symptom Checklist

Agency: Grey Canada
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Design

Developed in Flash and as an HTML Mobile specific version, the Cymbalta Checklist was created to allow people who believe they may be suffering from depression score their symptoms. Continue Reading →