The Guinness Window Pints take home Bronze 2012 Marketing Award for Out Of Home Non-Standard Format Single! View Work

Guinness National TV Spot

Agency: Grey Canada
My Project Role: Lead Art Direction, Copy Writing, Concept

Creative Director: Glen Hunt
Art Director: Todd Lawson
Copy Writer: Todd Lawson, Glen Hunt
Directors:Nico & Martin ( Primo/Holiday Films )
Dee Anderson/Derek Sewell/Vicky Piantini
Panic & Bob
SFX: Crush Inc.
Original Score: Grayson Matthews

Guinness Light Up Billboard

Creative Director: Glen Hunt
Art Director:Todd Lawson
Copy Writer: Glen Hunt
During the evening commute home this billboard would light up with a glowing, dimensional pint on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

Guinness Ambient Window Pints

Creative Director: Patrick Scissons
Art Director:Todd Lawson
Leading up to the St. Patrick’s day weekend we created ambient window Guinness Pints in downtown Toronto’s business district. Continue Reading →


Agency: Grey Canada
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Design, UX and wireframe development

Over the course of a 2010 and 2011 we took a single page website, adapted a US product site and frame work for the Canadian market, added and designed dozens of new areas and community focused tools and united what was a disjointed user experience into a cohesive single site: Mommyville. Continue Reading →

Cymbalta Symptom Checklist

Agency: Grey Canada
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Design

Developed in Flash and as an HTML Mobile specific version, the Cymbalta Checklist was created to allow people who believe they may be suffering from depression score their symptoms. Continue Reading →

The LCBO 3D elephant

Agency:Dashboard Communications and Due North
Project Role:
CGI Elephant: 3D Design, Modeling, Skeletal Rig, Texture Design and Character Animation Continue Reading →

Drive In Another Dimension: 3D Experience

Agency: Dashboard Communications
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Direct Mail Design, Campaign Look and Feel, City Map Planning and Storyboards, Project Management

Awards/Recognition: FWA Public Shortlist

The result of nearly 8 months of work; the Toyota Drive In Another Dimension campaign was my last project developed while at Dashboard and my proudest project – a result of tireless work from the OTDA Account team, programming department and creative department as well as all our 3rd party vendors. Continue Reading → Redesign

Agency:Dashboard Communications
Project Role:
Lead Art Direction, Site Frame Work Redesign, Project Management Continue Reading →

Toyota Canada More For You Promotion

Agency: Dashboard (Digital), Dentsu (Traditional)
Project Role:
Lead Art Director, Designer, & Managed Production

Built in a whirlwind time line over August we developed an online concept to feature 6 key vehicles and offers with supporting facts. Continue Reading →

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